Portrait of Tatiana Vahan, wearing eyeglasses, a flow white blouse, and necklace sitting in front of plants in a sunlit room.


Hello, my name is Tatiana Vahan (she/they). I’m an artist, researcher, and community organizer. Some of my projects include the Los Angeles Artist Census and bar-fund. I recently authored a research report on Armenia’s Creative and Cultural Ecosystem (2024). Currently I’m co-organizing An Accessibility Guide to Los Angeles Art Spaces, and co-writing a book on how to do community oriented data research.

Since 2022, I’ve been collaborating with organizations dedicated to creating frameworks for a more equitable and just world. I’ve had the privilege of working with esteemed groups such as the Poetic Justice Group at M.I.T. Media Lab, the Guild of Future Architects, Study Hall, the Armenian General Benevolent Union, and more.

I offer my expertise and experience for projects related to social justice, contemporary art, and data research.



One-hour strategy sessions.

Sessions take place via phone or zoom and can include guidance on inclusive and accessible project design, inclusive and accessible marketing, data collection and management, ethical research practices (privacy, security, etc.), workshop development, community outreach, community organizing, arts and artist advocacy, digital communication, project management, and more.


Contact me via email to schedule a session.


Longer term collaboration on creative and/or research-based projects.

Partnerships take place over the span of a month or months and can include: developing a research strategy; creating a survey design; developing relational community partnerships; data collection, cleaning, and maintenance; marketing strategy; and more.

Schedule an exploratory meeting to discuss how we might work together, if our values align, and the expectations and vision for a potential partnership.

Price depending on scope of work.

Fill out this intake form to schedule an exploratory meeting.



If the above descriptions do not fit your budget or what you have in mind, please share how you’d like to work together.



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